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Planned Server Down-Time

The server will be down for approximately 30 minutes beginning at 9PM EST for security updates and re-imaging. Call 800.330.1951 if you would like to reschedule.

Upstream Provider Experiencing Outages

Status appears to be clearing as of 10:37a

Unplanned Shutdown Currently, a very active security leak is being exploited on Windows systems. Systems with the latest security updates from Microsoft should not be affected. As the server administrator, you are responsible for the security of your server and for regularly installing security updates.  Please check that your server has all the latest security updates […]

Q2 Shut-Down Tonight

4a.m. EST, to apply updates and add an additional 1/2 terrabyte of storage to the server. The Amsoft Cloud will be down for under 7 minutes. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Server Imaging will be down tonight beginning at 7:30 EST., and is scheduled to come back online before 7:35EST. for a routine planned re-imaging of the operating system.

Server Outage Report, 10/1/2014

The recent outage was a doozy, lasting over 12 hours. This entry will detail what happened, and what steps we are taking to mitigate the effect on our cloud beta testers. First, I received this email an hour before the servers went down: Your security is important to use and we are therefore running an urgent […]